4 Steps To Defend Yourself Against Criminal Charges: Law Firm Help

In today’s world, it can be challenging to know what to do when faced with criminal charges. You must take your time and plan your next steps carefully to defend yourself against any accusations. If this sounds like something you need help with, reach out to Hart Powell, S.C. It has experience in defending clients who have been accused of committing crimes in the State of Wisconsin.

The attorneys at this firm will work closely with you to build a defense strategy for your case. It includes investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident as well as providing expert testimony on how these circumstances may play out in court if necessary. But before you do that, check out these four steps that can prove to be very helpful if you get into any trouble.

1) Never make any confessions.

Never make any confessions, even if you are innocent or think that people will believe your innocence after hearing the story from you. Only share what is necessary to get legal aid.

2) Never answer any questions without your lawyer.

If you are not under arrest, do not let the police question you, even if they call it a “friendly visit.” Make sure to get in touch with legal representatives before answering any of their questions, and make note that nothing is off-limits when it comes to this conversation.

3) Never agree to a search of your home or car.

If the police ask for permission to perform a search on you, they most likely already have enough evidence against you and are trying to get more information out of you by tricking you into consenting to it. So make sure that never happens, as all searches must involve a proper search warrant.

4) Be polite but firm.

Make sure to go over with your lawyer the protocol and guidelines you should follow if approached by police. Always be respectful, as it will help build a more robust defense for yourself in court.

A criminal defense attorney will represent your interests in court and make sure that you are not tricked into giving up any information or evidence during this process. So, reach out to a good lawyer as soon as possible. 


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